Can virtual casino gaming online ever replace the real casino experience?

Virtual casino games are meant to provide a real casino experience without actually being in the casino. But, does virtual casino gaming have what it takes to replace the actual casino experience? Let's explore this topic with a brief history of casino games and some of the key differences between real casino environments and virtual casino environments.

"Virtual casino games are meant to provide a real casino experience without being in a casino" - John Stayman (Casino777)

What's is virtual casino gaming, ie Internet Gaming

A virtual casino is a casino which lives on the internet but operates in the same way a land based casino would under a casino operator's supervision. Online casinos offer virtual games such as roulette, poker, slots and even solitaire!. These casino game can be played by players from any place in the world(licensing restrictions permitted) because all is done online or through casino operator's website.

Why was virtual casino gaming created?

The business of casinos has grown to a very large industry with a lot of gambling sites available to people for them to play their favorite casino games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, and many more. Virtual casino gaming was created not just to broaden the market but also because it is a safer way of gambling rather than having to travel to a casino with large amounts of money.

Virtual casino gaming offers players lots of casino bonuses, rewards and loyalty points. In a virtual casino player can play right from home without having to be in front of the physical brick casino walls while still being part of the same action as is done in real casino.

The key differences between real casino environments and virtual casino environments

The key differences between casino environments can be summarized in the following points:

1. Social Interaction In a casino people are free to chat with other casino-goers or staff as they wish, while interactions online are entirely dictated by how much each player wishes to interact with others.

2. Noise Levels Outside of casino, noise levels can be very high and casino encourages it's customers to stay on their gambling tables. In a virtual casino environment there is no one making noise outside of the player themselves which may disengage them from the games

3. Atmosphere Physical casino have an atmosphere that is not present in virtual casino gaming, such as the smell of body odour and sound from crowds cheering. The casino environment is immersive, and encourages people to stay instead of being on their laptops at home

4. Security The casino provides security in the form of cameras, staff and a safe place for people to gamble while online casino games are not as regulated as physical casino gaming where every control measure possible cannot be applied online. This creates a sense of insecurity in casino gamers who prefer to play casino games

Summary: Some key differences between casino environment and online casino environments are social interaction, noises levels, atmosphere and security measures.

Is virtual casino gaming a good replacement for the actual real life casino experience, or not so much?

Virtual casino gaming is definitely a good replacement for real world land based casinos, especially when land based casino players don't want to spend their day at the actual casino. Virtual gaming sites offer so much more in the way of bonuses, rewards and loyalty points which are not present in regular casinos. There are even sites like Bonus Giant, who list and review new casino offers. This is why online casino gaming has become so popular as people want something new and exciting that will keep them coming back for more.

Casino games provide an immersive casino experience in the comfort of your own home without any of the worry associated with going to a real casino. There are no crowds cheering or cigarette smoke smell as there would be in a physical casino, and all you need is a laptop and internet connection. It's impossible for anyone to steal your money as it sits securely on your online casino account.


It's tough to say whether virtual casino games can ever replace the real life casino experience. On one hand, online casinos offers a lot of what you would find at an actual casino without having to get up and leave your house or worry about safety and security. But on the other hand, there is something special about being in the casino with all its noise, smoke and fun atmosphere that only comes from actually visiting it in person. If we had to choose between virtual casino gaming vs real life land-based casinos, both have their pros and cons but we recommend trying them out for yourself before making any final decisions!